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5 eco-friendly habits

These 5 eco-friendly habits have never been more important!

Our way of life has changed in the last two months and some of our eco-friendly habits are harder to keep than ever. With many grocery stores not accepting reusable bags and bulk stores not accepting reusable containers, we’ve had to go back to disposables in most cases. But there are 5 eco-friendly habits that have never been more important that right now. Here they are!


1 – Turn off the water

Turn off the tap

Everyone is washing their hands. All the time. For a looooong time. Which is fantastic! But did you know that each time you wash your hands and leave the water running, you waste about 1 litre of water? Turn it off as your scrub for your 20 seconds to save some precious water.


2 – Turn off your car

Curbside pickups have become the new norm but often you have to wait a few minutes (or 15) to get your curbside delivery. Make sure to turn off your car engine while you wait. Idling is bad for the environment and also illegal in most municipalities.


3 – Make a plan to reduce your food waste

Only going to the grocery store every week to 2 weeks, means we have to purchase more food than we normally would at one time. With full fridges, it’s easy for something near the back to get forgotten about. When I’m choosing produce, I try to purchase a variety of items, some that go bad sooner and some that last longer. For example leafy greens, broccoli, asparagus and berries all go bad relatively quickly so I ensure to plan meals using up those items first. Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and apples have a longer shelf life so don’t get used up until after the other ingredients. When I do go grocery shopping, I make sure to do a fridge inventory first and bring out anything that needs to be used up first so it doesn’t get pushed to the back when putting away those new groceries.

Reduce food waste


4 – Know where your deliveries are coming from

Right now while shopping in actual stores is halted, shopping online has become much more prevalent. The easy, quick solution would be to hop on Amazon to purchase items. People love the convenience of Amazon and often they can offer deals that small businesses can’t. But Amazon products often are not made here and are shipped from far and wide. It doesn’t support our local economy and instead supports Jeff Bezos’ pocket. Did you know his net worth has increased by $24 billion so far in 2020??? Does that make sense when thousands of small businesses are fighting for each and every sale? So look for the local option first. Small businesses are adapting during this time to offer local delivery and could really use the support to keep our local economy alive.


5 – Clean and freshen your air

single use swaps for cleaning

We are in our homes a lot more than we used to be. Clean the air in your home by introducing more plants into your space. Many plants are known to be better at cleaning the air than others such as snake plants. Also keep toxins out of your home including heavily scented candles made out of paraffin wax or air fresheners. Use essential oil diffusers and beeswax candles instead to keep your home smelling fresh.

Another toxin to avoid is heavy chemical cleaners. During COVID-19 we need a disinfectant that has 70% rubbing alcohol in it, but that doesn’t mean you need all the other chemicals found in many manufactured cleaners. I’ve made my own disinfectant using 99% rubbing alcohol and did a 70% alcohol, 30% water solution. It works great for sanitizing. I’ve also made an all purpose cleaner (non disinfecting) out of castile soap, water and tea-tree oil. I have a blog post about my favourite low waste cleaning swaps and these bulk DIY products are some of them.


Those are 5 eco-friendly habits that have never been more important and that we can actually keep up during this time.

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