6 Eco-friendly Party Decor Ideas

The news surrounding climate change is becoming increasingly terrifying and while we need action taken by every single country and corporation around the world there are still things that you can do in your everyday life that can make a difference. And while it might not feel like your average party waste will make much difference, think about this.

Going Zero Waste states that the average wedding produces 400-600 pounds of garbage. Now yes, that’s a wedding. But think of the balloons, plastic cutlery, plates, party hats, plastic table cloths and more! Not the mention the food waste!

So on Earth Day this year, I wanted to pull together my favourite eco-friendly decor trends to keep waste down while still creating a beautiful looking event. Below are my 5 favourite!

1) Easels & reusable boards

Chalkboards, mirrors and windows are your best friend when it comes to eco-friendly decor. Most parties have some element of signage, whether that’s a welcome sign, an event schedule or menu. Instead of printing large foam core signage or programs for every guest, using these reusable frames are a great idea. All can be reused if you use the correct pens/markers on them and most of these items can be rented or purchased from your local thrifts store. 

Looking for some beautiful customized lettering? Check out KJM Lettering – she creates beautiful signage!

chalkboard party sign Party welcome sign Bubbly bar sign

2) Living Centrepieces

Living centrepieces are a great eco-friendly way to design beautiful tables. Using real potted plants mean being able to give them to guests at the end of the event or transplant them to your garden. You’ll want to use plants that are easy to keep alive and don’t flower for only a short time. Herbs, succulents, eucalyptus & colourful non-flowering plants are easiest to use for this. Potted plants can also be cheaper than cut florals, particularly if you are going to arrange them in pots yourself.

Use clay pots or wood holders for a rustic look or try painted cement or mirrored pots for a more modern feel. Take a look at this example from Green Wedding Shoes.

living centrepieces

3) Decorating with food (that will be eaten)

Using the food you are serving is another great way to add decoration to your event. Try a donut wall or cupcake tower for your dessert table or carved fruits and pineapples for your tropical soiree or a cheeseball in the shape of a football for your Superbowl party. 

Make sure you don’t go overboard with the food though or you could have a lot of food waste. Think about the length of your event and at what time of day it is taking place. You need a lot more food for your guests if your party is from 5-7pm than you do for a party from 2-4pm.

I rent out that donut wall below here:

donut wall food decor

4) Personalize your party with your own items

Make your party personalized with photographs of the guest of honour or items that are special to them. Maybe the guest of honour loves to travel – get creative and use their travel photos and old maps at the welcome table or create a milestone banner for your child’s first birthday with one photo from each month over the last year.

5) Rentals

Rentals are a great way to bring a theme to life without having to buy loads of decor. These items will also be reusable so will not end up in landfills after the party. You can rent almost anything! Chairs, linens, plates, photo backdrops, signage and more! We are currently in design for a rental line of themed party decorations for a number of themes. Have a theme in mind you want to rent? Contact us and we will custom make it for you!

party decor

6) Glass vases, mason jars and wine bottles

Turn recycled glass jars and wine bottles into decor! Mason jars and wine bottles make great vases, particularly if you paint them to fit your theme. You can find loads of glass jars at Value Village that can be washed out and perfect for a candy bar or mismatched platters for your dessert spread. Get creative – you can find almost anything second hand!

There you have it! These are my favourite ways to create your own DIY decor – we do it all the time. Then we rent it out and reuse, reuse, reuse. We have some lofty goals for reducing the waste in our community and that starts with in our own life and in the business.

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