Balloon Alternatives

It has been ingrained into our heads that when celebrating something special like a birthday you need balloons. And while balloons bring wow factor, they also bring negative impacts on our environment. And while it might not seem like much at the time, the negative impact adds up. 

I create alternatives to balloon arches, garlands and displays using more eco-friendly products. I use paper lanterns, fans and fabric pom-poms, all of which are reusable, to create stunning displays for your celebrations. I'll come set it up and take it down for you and you'll know that none of those pieces go to waste as they will get used again and again. 

eco-friendly party garland 

What are the negative impacts of balloons on the environment? 

  • Balloons are one time use and create waste - some companies claim that their balloons are biodegradable, and while that might be true under very specific conditions, it's not when they were studied. They don't have the right environment when in a landfill pile to break down
  • Balloons harm wildlife - when little pieces of bright coloured balloons blow away and end up in nature they attract birds and other animals. These animals eat them and can choke or get internal blockages from them
  • Helium is no something that can be manufactured and is needed in things like MRI machines, welding, lasers and some ventilators. One helium is released into the atmosphere it's gone forever so using it in things like balloons will cause a shortage

How can they be used? They work great as a photo backdrop or behind a food table or bar. They look great to show guests the entrance to the party or can be displayed down a bannister, on a mantle or just on the wall. Below are a few more photo examples.

photo backdrop


welcome garland

Instead try an eco-friendly garland. It can be customized in almost any colours and other elements can be added too like the tropical leaves in the photo above. Prices start at $10 per foot. Contact me for a custom quote today! 

Blue eco-friendly garland