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5 Ideas For More Eco-friendly Loot Bags

Oh the loot bag – and bain of kids birthday parties! Some people are opting to forego them entirely which I am totally on board with. But if you still want to give away something to guests at the end of the party I have a few ways to create eco-friendly loot bags. By doing some of these tips, you might also find guests liking the items a little more too. The key here is to include one or two more substantial items rather than a whole bunch of knick-knacks. These items will be more usable and are less likely to end up in the trash – think about what you’d want your child bringing home with them. 1 –...

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Deck the Halls with these Festive Holiday Table Ideas!

The holiday season is here and that likely means you’ll be welcoming guests into your home. Whether it’s for cocktails or dinner there is plenty of planning to do. And who has time to come up with fancy table decor after creating a menu of mouth-watering offerings? You can DIY these table ideas for your parties this holiday season and we show you how below. We begin with the simplest and cheapest option and move up the difficulty scale to our metallic glam table (though only slightly more difficult). So let’s get right to it.

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