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5 ways to use greenery that will make you look like a pro

Greenery Table RunnerPhoto by Olive Photography

We love a good bargain! One way we save money for our clients on event decor is by substituting greenery for flowers. So when greenery became Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year we were ecstatic. Known as nature’s neutral, greenery can be paired with almost any colour and is an easy way to add life to your event decor. Today we discuss 5 of the best ways to use greenery at your next event. 

1) The most common place to use greenery in your event decor is as a table runner down the centre of your tables. For this to work, you will need to be using rectangular tables. We love placing table runners on long harvest style tables that seat 16+ because it creates such a beautiful lush effect. By choosing a greenery type that lies relatively flat, you can actually just place each piece of greenery on the table, hiding the stem with the foliage of the next piece. We used Italian Ruscus for the photo below which has long stems that are quite flat. Many people love the look of eucalyptus table runners, particularly when made out of the silver dollar variety. These stems must be attached with floral wire as they do not lay flat and are less likely to look like a continuous runner if you just lay them on the table. Also keep in mind that eucalyptus is fragrant which can bother some guests if it is sitting right in front of them while they are eating.

Greenery Table Runner

Photo by Olive Photography

2) You don’t always have to have flowers in a vase. Greenery in a vase can add texture to a table or decor vignette at an event. The picture below was taken at an event where we used Italian Ruscus in a tall vase on the ground to in combination with the welcome sign, old vintage vases, wooden crates and candles. The greenery provides a natural element and some vibrance to what would be a rather bland setup.

Greenery Event DecorPhoto by Olive Photography

Below we used Italian Ruscus again (can you tell it’s our favourite type of greenery?) in a clear glass vase to add height and interest to the bar. Always try to vary the heights of your decor displays as it creates interest for your eye.

Greenery Bar DecorPhoto by Olive Photography

3) Sprigs of greenery are the perfect addition to spruce up any place setting. We love how it adds so much freshness to each plate. You can buy any type of greenery and cut pieces off of it to use, but our favourite are sprigs of an herb that matches the dish being served. Try rosemary with chicken or basil with an Italian feast.

Greenery place setting

Greenery place setting

4) Greenery hoops have made their way onto the scene as a beautiful element to add to a backdrop or hang overtop of your event space. They are super easy to DIY. Grab a hoola hoop and spray paint it whatever colour suits your event. We chose gold. Attach greenery to a section of the hoop with floral wire or floral tape and voila! Almost any type of greenery works well for this project as long as you can bend the strands to conform to the hoop.

Greenery Hoops

5) Greenery can also be used to amplify any table display. Greenery was used both on and surrounding the wedding cake below. Without it, the cake would look quite plain and simple, but the greenery creates a great contrasting colour to the white icing and compliments the wooden cake base nicely.

Wedding Cake with greenery decorPhoto by Olive Photography

Below are a few more examples showing various ways we have used greenery to liven up a table. It can be used at the front of an accent table with candles or surrounding other large decor items.

Decorating with GreeneryPhoto by Olive Photography

Decorating with GreeneryPhoto by Olive Photography 

Don’t forget – events don’t have to cost a fortune to be successful! Tricks like this can help you save money. Contact us for more ideas and to get a free quote on your next event.

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