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Make your own bee & bug hotel

What is a bug hotel and why do you want one in your garden? A bug hotel creates a resting place for insects and helps keep bugs safe during the winter, harsh winds & storms. It will attract the good bugs to your garden which helps get rid of pests that might eat your plants or help to pollinate flowers.

What kind of bugs are beneficial to your garden?

Ladybugs – ladybugs are needed in the garden because they eat bugs like aphids that damage plants

Bees – Bees are incredibly important in the garden because they are a main pollinator. A pollinator is an insect that moves pollen from one plant to another so that it can reproduce. This is how fruit and vegetables are grown. Without pollinators, we wouldn’t be able to grow most of the food we eat. Bees love the bamboo dowels provided.

Ground beetles – Ground beetles are nocturnal meaning they are awake at nighttime. They are responsible for keeping pests away from eating your plants at the night.

Slugs & Snails – These insects are food for many other insects and mammals and help keep the other animals in balance.

Creating a bug hotel with your kids is a great way to get them involved in & caring for the environment. Exposing young kids to nature and teaching them ways to protect our planet is the best way to raise eco-conscious humans. Learning about how plants, insects and animals interact together, the growing cycle of plants & more is a great, child-friendly way to start the conversations.

I have a bug hotel kit for sale on my website where you get the wooden box to create your bug hotel, as well as bamboo rods to fill part of it. Bamboo rods are the perfect size for bees to hide and lay eggs in. You can find my craft kit here. 

bug hotel

Bug Hotel

If you’d like to DIY a bug hotel, use some recyclables like a rinsed out milk carton or pop bottle and cut out one side of it so that you can put your nature items inside. Decorating the outside of the bug hotel brightly is attractive to some insects as they are attracted to bright colours.

Now go out and collect your nature supplies. Twigs, pine needles, leaves, pinecones, grasses & even folded up cardboard all act as great fillers. Arrange your nature items in groups in your but hotel, packing items in tight enough that they won’t fall out but leaving crevices for the bugs to crawl into.

Once you are done arranging, hang your bug hotel near your garden in sun or partial shade (bees love the warmth) and hang it from a nail about 1 metre or so off the ground. Have your littles check on the bug hotel to see if they can find any creatures.


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