>  Meet Melanie

Hi! I'm Melanie - Hamilton's eco-friendly party planner

Most days you can find me in my workout gear with my laptop, working from the sunniest spot in my home. I am known for my DIY endeavours, for upcycling everything and for my bubbly personality. I started All Wrapped Up Events to serve busy parents, stressed out couples and overwhelmed family members unsure of how to bring a party theme to life. When I’m not working on an event you can catch me out enjoying a hike, indulging in a local craft beer or having a night in with my husband or friends.

Why eco-friendly?

There is a lot of waste in the event industry – from single-use plastics and buffet food waste to party decorations that get used once and thrown away. When tearing down parties, I would get this awful feeling in my stomach as I threw away items that had been used for just 3 hours. I knew there was something I could do. So I became Hamilton’s eco-friendly party planner. As a busy, working person, it’s overwhelming to source out local or sustainable products so I’ve gone ahead and done that for you. I decided to offer rentable party decorations that will get used again and again instead of ending up in the landfill after one party. I make a lot of the decor myself so it is one-of a kind and is made with as much upcycled material as possible. I also work with local, sustainable vendors when party planning to limit the waste in all areas of the event.

A little more about me...

I am married to Andrew, my incredibly supportive partner who makes the best dad jokes. We met in our first year at Western University in residence. We love to travel together and have been road tripping through the Rocky Mountains, California, Italy & Croatia in the last couple of years. I love being physically active so hiking, canoeing, zip lining and rock climbing are some of our go-to activities. I am definitely a summer person over a winter person, though I love when November 15 arrives and I can start decorating the house for Christmas. We live in Hamilton, Ontario and we love exploring the city’s new restaurants and breweries. Our current favourites are The Mule and Grain & Grit. Know of a great Hamilton cafe, restaurant, hiking trail, live music venue or shop we should check out? I’d love to hear about it!