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Eco-friendly parties

We get it. Not everyone is into making lists and planning everything out. Not everyone likes to get their hands dirty while they hot glue pompoms onto a superhero mask. But we do. We help create more eco-friendly parties with a variety of services tailored to fit your needs. With our party planning services, we plan celebrations from start to finish. We also bring party themes to life through custom reusable decor to reduce the waste caused by single-use decorations. We specialize in kids parties, weddings, milestone birthdays & baby showers but love to work on any social events.

We also offer a variety of party decor rentals to reduce the amount of waste caused by single-use party decorations. These items are available with our party planning services or can be separately rented and set up by you.

Being eco-friendly is at the forefront of all of our services and we strive to incorporate eco-friendly practices into everything we do. We start by trying to purchase items we need for decor second hand and then from responsible brands and ensure everything we buy can be reused. We think about food waste and planning practices when we plan our eco-friendly parties and try to teach others how to do the same.

Celebrating something big and need help organizing, decorating and running the show? We offer complete party planning for those larger events that need extra help.

One-on-one virtual planning sessions with me! $45/hour to discuss a multitude of event planning topics and questions plus access to some fantastic planning templates.

Need a pro to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly? We can help with timelines, vendor coordination, decorating, venue setup & event management. We help couples plan more eco-friendly weddings through decor rentals, vendor recommendations and planning tips

We have party decor rentals for a variety of social celebrations. From themed kids party rentals to elegant wedding arches - check them out here. This is a huge way to reduce party waste from single use decorations