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Kids at home birthday parties: our top 7 activities that come to you!

When it comes to planning your child’s birthday party things can get stressful. You want them to love it. You want their friends to have a great time. Maybe you secretly want the other kids to say “You’re parents rock!” or “This is the best party EVER!” We love at-home birthday parties because of the versatility with theme, decor, games and entertainment. Everything can be customized to your child’s interests, hobbies and the year’s big trends.

We have rounded up our favourite entertainment and party activities that come to your home. Prefer to keep things stress-free? Our parties have received the kid stamp of approval time and time again so contact us to get started today. Now, onto the list. 

1) Rooks to Cooks 

Do you have a little chef in the making? Rooks to Cooks provide in-home cooking lessons for your party. They bring all the ingredients and specialty equipment needed for the menu and you finish with a tasty meal or snack. Some of the classes offered include making doughnuts, lollipops, pizza and sushi. Custom packages can also be created that are tailored to your child’s favourite foods. The lesson typically lasts 1-2 hours and usually have a minimum age requirement of ages 5-6.

2) Games on Wheels 

We all know the age. That age when prying little hands off of the computer, iPad or video game seems almost impossible. So why not bring the games to you? Games on Wheels brings the arcade to you in a climate controlled bus filled with all your favourite consoles and games. They even have audio effects and LED lighting to enhance the experience. All they need is a place to park. 

3) Reptilia 

If you are up for having some creepy crawlies in your house try Reptilia! They bring a variety of reptiles such as snakes, lizards, spiders and turtles for a live demonstration. The 45 minute demo will give the kids a chance to hold, pet and take pictures with the reptiles while learning more about them and their habitats.

4) Mad Science 

If your kids love experimenting and learning about science then this is the party for you. Enjoy an interactive demonstration of cool chemical reactions, food science and illusions. Each party includes a fun take-home item that they will make during the party such as slime or bouncy balls. 

5) Brick Door 

Brick Door is for the LEGO enthusiast. Choose a theme such as Harry Potter, Minecraft or Star Wars and begin building. They bring all the building materials and an instructor to facilitate the party. They have options to include LEGO themed loot bags and takeaways that they make at the workshop. 

6) Budding Beads 

These guys provide a jewelry-making party complete with a multitude of beads, all the tools you need and an instructor. Make bracelets, necklaces, keychains, zipper pulls and more using professional bead trays. They have all sorts of charms you can add to your jewelry including sport themed charms. 

7) Glama Gal

Bring on the pampering! These spa parties give guests the feeling they are in a spa designed with tweens in mind. The package includes dessert inspired manicures & pedicures, cucumber mist facial, loot bags and more! There are also packages for children under the age of 6. 

Do you have a favourite at home party activity? Let us know about it!


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