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Elevate your party with these diy food & drink stations

Food stations and activations have become increasingly popular at events both large and small. Guests enjoy having choices to create their own combination of flavours. With ever increasing rates of dietary restrictions, food stations allow guests to pick and choose their items to fit within these restrictions. Guests also enjoy being a part of the event and activations involving food are a great way to accomplish this. 

When building a DIY food bar try to incorporate different heights and shapes to the display. Placing your containers on wooden stumps, crates, shelves and boxes adds dimension and different shaped containers add visual interest. Use these bars as one of your decor focal points at your event by laying on a backdrop behind your display and other decor items on or in front of your table.

The following food and beverage stations are easy to DIY for your next party to really elevate it to the next level.

Mimosa Bar

Create a tropical mimosa bar by incorporating different types of juice to mix with your sparkling wine and various berries as toppings. Try using non-alcoholic sparkling wine and have a MOM-OSA bar instead of mimosas for a baby shower.

Taco Bar

Try a Tex-Mex fiesta taco bar! Use brightly coloured decorations, cacti and cheeky signs for this activation. Make sure to have all your favourite toppings!

Candy Bar

Candy bars have been popular for quite some time but are still a lot of fun for both kids and adults. Try choosing candy that matches your theme or colour scheme. We got these glass containers for the candy from the dollar store and Value Village. Purchase small candy bags or boxes from Bulk Barn so guests can enjoy their treats throughout the event or once they are home.

Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

This cool blue ice cream sandwich bar is sure to keep you cool in the hot summer heat! Supply a variety of ice creams and freshly baked cookies. Don’t forget a variety of sprinkles to roll your sandwich in before indulging!

Popcorn Bar

This bar can be used for any event but is absolutely perfect for a baby shower. Guests loved the “she’s about to pop sign”. You can find little popcorn boxes at most party stores in so many fun colour schemes.

Other food and beverage bar ideas include caesars, yogurt parfaits, poutine, hot chocolate, nachos, pizza, crostini and s’mores. Enjoy the creativity and go wild at your next event. Do you have any other favourite DIY food station ideas? Let us know!

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