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Easy last minute Halloween treats for you and your kids

Halloween is less than one week away which means bring on the treats! This year, along with the trick-or-treat goodies I will be making some easy treats to serve at our Halloween party on Saturday. These recipes are all no bake so include your kids in the fun when making these fun witch hats, broomsticks, owls, spiders and ghosts. 

Witch hats

You will need:

– Oreo Thins cookies
– Hershey’s Kisses
– Icing
– Sprinkles – I chose blue because I had them on hand but you could use any colour

1) Separate your Oreo cookies and discard the icing (by discard I definitely mean eat).

2) Place a dollop of icing on the centre of the cookie and place the Hershey’s Kiss on top

3) Stick the sprinkles to the icing pooling out from under the Hershey’s Kiss

The Witch’s Broomsticks

You will need:

– Pretzel sticks
– Peel apart Twizzlers
– Chocolate peanut butter cups

1) Stick a pretzel stick into the bottom of a chocolate peanut butter cup

2) Peel on strand of the Twizzlers off and tie a loose knot in the strand

3) Slide the knot over top of the pretzel and tighten

The next two ideas are great for takeaway treats. These ones feature wrapped lollipops and are a really cute way to display these take home treats instead of just piling them in a large bowl.

Spooky Spiders

You will need:

– Black pipe cleaners
– Lollipop
– Googly eyes

1) Take 4 half pipe cleaners and twist the centre of them around the handle of the lollipop. Make sure you do this right near the lollipop top.

2) Separate each pipe cleaner and bend them half an inch from the end of each leg.

3) Hot glue googly eyes to the body of the spider

Ghoulish Ghosts

You will need:

– Coffee filters
– Lollipop
– Black marker
– Thin ribbon or cord

1) Place the coffee filter over the lollipop and secure it with the thin ribbon in a bow

2) Draw eyes and a mouth onto the head of the ghost.

There you have it! These are some super easy crafts that your kids will have fun helping you create and even more fun eating. Comment with your favourite Halloween treat and craft ideas in the section below. For other easy ideas and party inspiration sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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