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This is how to design an epic at home baby shower!

Photo by Ophir Sarusi

Hosting a baby shower can seem daunting – especially if you are turning your home into an event space. But with a little planning and some DIY crafting, you can create a simple yet elegant space fit for the special mom-to-be! Not a DIYer? All Wrapped Up Events offers theme and decor styling services for your party. If you are looking to do most of it yourself, check out our party rentals – this will save you having to purchase a whole bunch of disposable decorations for the big day and will be much better quality than those ones.

Today we are talking about some decor styling and game creation we did for a recent baby shower. The theme colours were mint & pink and the mom-to-be wanted something casual and fun. Below are some of our decor and game ideas from the big day.

Have decor focal points

When doing a DIY shower in someone’s home we always choose a few areas that will be key decor focal points of the space. Homes have personal belongings in them so we try to choose these focal points in areas that are not cluttered or full of personal items. Usually these focal points will be surrounding food tables, gift tables or game setups. This works better than having a little decor scattered throughout the whole space as nothing will pop and draw your eye to it.

For this shower we used a beautiful interior brick wall as the backdrop for the main food table, adding banners to create visual interest. Our other main focal point was our popcorn bar which had a paper pinwheel backdrop.

Photo by Ophir Sarusi

Use gifts as decor

Buying a ton of decor can be costly and wasteful if it’s not going to be used again. Instead, try decorating with items that can be used by the mom-to-be after the shower. For example we made a diaper “cake” – made to look like a wedding cake but created exclusively out of diapers, this “cake” is a great statement decor piece. Learn how to make this easy DIY craft project here.

Photo by Ophir Sarusi

We also used baby socks as a garland but you could use virtually anything – onesies, little stuffed animals or bibs. They add such a cute touch and are totally useable afterwards.

Photo by Ophir Sarusi


Some games, while fun, can be a little cheesy and not for every mom-to-be. The crowd favourite at our recent shower was an activity where guests could write on the butt of a diaper. These messages are meant to be seen in the wee hours of the night when mom and dad are exhausted and changing yet ANOTHER diaper. We had Sharpies, diapers and a sign that explained what to do in rhyme as seen below.

Photo by Ophir Sarusi

We also created a trivia game that guests could fill out during the party. Each question had something to do with babies but had questions for all ages from categories like pop culture, nursery rhymes and baby facts. For example who are the parents of Blue Ivy, name 3 songs that have the word “baby” in the title or in England a pacifier is known as a what?

Our third and final game consisted of guests cutting a piece of twine to the length that they estimate the mom-to-be’s waist is at the largest part of the baby bump. Guests had fun putting the string around themselves and trying to guess and there was a prize for the closest guess.

Food & Drink

Food is one of the most important parts of any party. Guests will remember if they didn’t have enough food over anything else that happens at the event. When planning a shower on a budget, plan it between the hours of 1 and 4pm eliminating the need for a full lunch or full dinner.

At most baby or bridal showers, we try to have one food or drink bar. This could be a candy bar or caesar bar but for this shower we went with a popcorn bar. We had various types of popcorn in different glass containers and had little popcorn boxes so that people could mix and match flavours. This worked perfectly with it being a baby shower with our sign that said “She’s about to pop”.

Photo by Ophir Sarusi

All the other food was served room temperature. This makes it much easier than ensuring food stays hot or cold when people are welcome to munch on it throughout the entire event. We served muffin tin frittatas, meatballs, caprese skewers, veggies and hummus, melon with prosciutto, cucumber bites and of course CAKE!

Photo by Ophir Sarusi

The host opted to have an alcohol free event but we still wanted guests to have more than water, tea and coffee so we made a MOM-OSA bar. This is just like a regular mimosa bar but with non-alcoholic bubbly. Have a variety of juices and berries to add to their drink for a sophisticated twist.

Photo by Ophir Sarusi

We’d love to hear about your favourite baby shower games in our comments! Contact us to get you started on your next at home shower with our theme and decor styling services.


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