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Low waste Easter guide

A low waste Easter guide

Easter is going to be a little different this year. We have to practice social distancing so large family gatherings will have to be cancelled. Life is also more stressful than normal. So take what tips you want, and leave the rest. You can still have those special family comforts and celebrate a little differently this year. I’ve created a low waste Easter guide for you and your family this year. You’ll find some easy craft ideas, gift suggestions, low waste tips and ways to stay connected to family this Easter without seeing them in person. 

Easter Crafts

I’ve compiled a list of some great Easter crafts that require minimal supplies & are low waste. With the kids home, start doing some of these now to decorate our home for Easter or to send as cards to grandparents.

  • Easter eggshell mosaics – save your eggshells from baking and breakfast and create mosaic pictures with them. You’ll need to dye the egg shells to add some colour and this article explains how to make easy dyes with beets, turmeric, cabbage & spinach.

low waste Easter eggshell mosaic crafts               paper mosaic Easter crafts

  • Scrap paper mosaics – The 2nd image above is made by ripping up coloured paper (you can use old magazines, newspaper ads etc.) and sprinkling them on a glue line. Draw an image and have your little trace the line with white glue. Sprinkle the scraps of paper and let them dry. Shake off the excess to reveal your work of art.
  • Easter Bunny Door– Make this easy Easter bunny door with these printables and a few other supplies. Make it your own and decorate the bow tie with your egg shells or with sequins or stickers!

Easter Bunny Door               low waste Easter egg carton chick craft

  • Egg Carton Chicks – Turn an old egg carton into these adorable chicks! You just need some paint and construction paper. They will open up into little compartments – a great place to hide some treats.

Easter egg hunt

Everyone loves a good egg hunt, but there won’t be much opportunity to get out to purchase supplies so here is my suggestion. If you already have those plastic eggs that you reuse each year, use them. But if you don’t – don’t buy them. We don’t need to add anymore plastic in our lives. Instead of hiding eggs, how about creating an Easter scavenger hunt of clues throughout your home that leads to an Easter Basket? Or what if you cut out bunny prints and have them be a trail to lead to a surprise treat?

If you don’t want to come up with your own scavenger hunt clues, I have created my own that you can use. Print them on coloured paper and hide them in their appropriate spots for Easter morning. Enjoy!

low waste Easter egg scavenger hunt

Easter Baskets

Easter baskets will likely look a little different this year. As we practice physical distancing, you shouldn’t be traipsing all over the city to pick up items for gifts. Talk to your kids about how Easter will look this year. Front-load them with the information so that they know what to expect and won’t be disappointed.

With that being said, if it’s safe to do so in your area, local businesses are suffering immensely right now, so think about supporting a local business in your area who is offering contact-free delivery. Chocolat on James in Hamilton has tons of Easter chocolates and treats and is offering delivery in the Hamilton area. Citizen Kid is also offering delivery and has a few Easter themed books and great sustainable kids toys (wooden, fabric etc.) that could be included in the Easter baskets. Curated Cradle in Waterdown has also created pre-done Easter baskets delivered to your doorstep.  Why not grab some free Easter colouring printables and make your own DIY colouring book? There are TONS of free sheets but here are a few from Crayola. You could also make DIY play dough and give them in the shape of Easter eggs.

For the actual basket, if you don’t have a basket you can repurpose, use a flower pot, a sand pail, a metal bucket, a toy bin – something you can repurpose from your home that can hold treats. Add a bow and some Easter grass to cover the bottom. To keep it low waste, instead of the disposable plastic Easter grass, use shredded newspaper, magazines or raffia that is reusable.

Staying connected

This Easter we won’t have our normal big gatherings, so coming up with different ways to celebrate is a great way to stay connected with family during this difficult time.

  • Have a Zoom call during Easter dinner with family. Set your computer on the table as a guest
  • Make a family recipe over Zoom together. Maybe it’s grandma’s famous stuffing or Aunt Linda’s scalloped potatoes. Get all the ingredients out and then cook together.
  • Send some old fashion snail mail – how about turning one of those paper mosaics into an Easter card? The grandparents would love to receive that!
  • Play Pictionary on the House Party App virtually

If you think of any other ways to have a virtual or low waste Easter, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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