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5 easy and inexpensive photo booth backdrops you can create yourself

Over the last few years, photo booths have become an incredibly popular addition to both corporate and social events. Even though they are seen at almost every event, I still think they are a great addition because they get guests involved and sharing photos (hopefully with your event hashtag) at the event. They are a great source of fun where guests can let loose, mingle and try out fun props.

There are tons of photo booth companies out there – some with actual booths with walls, some open air, some with a green screen and some with beautiful backdrops such as flower walls. Hiring one of these vendors is great because it allows the photos to be shared with guests in real time and guests will receive a print out of their photos on the spot. If the event budget allows, I would opt for for a full service photo booth company in order to get these added features. But when working with a tight budget, I have some great DIY photo booth options.

There are a few different ways to have a DIY photo booth. One way is to set up an SLR camera on a tripod and have a wireless remote for your guests to use to take the photos. You can then upload them to a computer afterwards and send guests a link to the full gallery (via Google Drive or Dropbox) in the thank you email.

Another way is to have a staff member stationed at the photo booth taking photos of guests with a smart phone. The smartphone can be wirelessly connected to a printer like this Kodak Dock which will print out the photos on the spot.

Don’t forget the props! Funny signs that go with your event, goofy hats and glasses are a must to make your photo booth a success. Place all your props on a table and any signs standing up in a vase making them easy to sort through so that guests don’t hold up the line.

Whether you are hiring a photo booth company or creating one from scratch, you want to make sure you have a great backdrop. That means nothing too distracting so that you and your props will still pop – but something that goes with your colour scheme, theme or overall vibe of the event. Below are a few inexpensive ideas that you can make yourself.

Enhance the wall you have

If you already have a great wall as your backdrop such as rustic brick, stone or barnyard doors, you don’t need to do much of anything. Create a simple triangular or tassel garland to hang on the wall and away you go!


A simple sheet of fabric can work as a great backdrop. Fabric stores have almost any style, pattern or colour you could think of. In the photo above, our event theme was tropical – so this great floral patterned fabric worked great as a backdrop that tied back into our theme.


For something with a little more design, try creating a wall of pinwheels. Use different colours and sizes to make it visually interesting. To learn how to make these paper pinwheels check out this tutorial.

Fabric strip curtains

Hang strips of fabric or foil from the ceiling or from a rod. As you can see in the photo above we used strips of chiffon and other softer, lace fabrics to create a romantic rustic look. For the photo booth backdrop below, we purchased a few gold tinsel doorway curtains from the dollar store and doubled them up to create a solid layer of gold. Add some signage that includes the event hashtag, a funny message or the name of the presenting sponsor or event host.


Balloons can make a fun and standout photo booth backdrop by adding shape and colour to your event. Choose a few colours that work with your event and blow up the balloons to a variety of sizes. Start by taping the largest balloons to the wall and then fill in the spaces with your medium and smaller balloons. You can also accomplish this look if you fill all your balloons with helium and cut different lengths of ribbon so that they float at a variety of levels.

If you love these DIY backdrops but just don’t have the time, we can help! Not only do we do full event coordination, we also have theme, decor and styling services. You still plan and run your own event but we glitz it up and make it beautiful! Check out our services here.

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