New Year’s Eve Party Planning Hacks

New Year’s Eve parties – they get a lot of hype. Have you been here before? You decide in November that you are going to go to this awesome party downtown and snag a ticket before they all sell out. After the sticker shock of the ticket price wears off you decide you need a new outfit for the occasion. You get all dolled up, adventure out into the cold, arrive late due to New Year’s traffic and have a mediocre evening. Why do we put so much pressure on this one night?? The high expectations, ticket price and hype almost always lead to a let down.

New Year's Eve party decor

So what do I do instead? I host a low-key, party at my house for some close friends. I still make it a special night with some easy DIY decorations, a fun cocktail and a good activity or two. And friends love it. Below are my tricks and tips to throwing a great at-home New Year’s Eve Party.

Tips & Tricks for hosting a New Year’s Eve Party

1) Serve a fun cocktail – Champagne is expensive – try making a champagne Sangria instead. It’s different & will be more cost effective to serve your guests than straight champagne. Make sure you serve them in champagne glasses – if you don’t own glass ones, party stores sell plastic ones for a great price.

To Make 
In each glass:
– 1/2 cup of orange juice
– 1 cup of raspberry simple syrup (boil equal parts water, sugar & raspberries, once comes to the boil, reduce and simmer for 5 minutes, strain out raspberries)
– 1x 750ml bottle of champagne (we used rosé sparkling wine)
Serve in champagne glasses with raspberries as garnish

New Year's Eve party signature cocktail

2) Make a fun playlist for the hour leading up to midnight – Depending on the age of the guests, things can start to slow down around 11:00pm. This is the time you want things ramping up! So create a playlist of guest appropriate songs that will give guests a second wind.

3) Create a photo wall with DIY props – having a photo wall is a fun way for guests to interact with each other & have a momento from the evening. Get a gold tinsel curtain backdrop to hang with a New Year’s Eve party banner or create a DIY one with gold fabric & gold holiday ornaments attached.

New Year's Eve photo wall

4) Serve snacks – even if it’s just store bought cupcakes, chips & chocolate, having snacks for your guests are key to keep them partying into the New Year. I love adding cupcake toppers to store bought cupcakes – these “clock strikes midnight” ones are great for the occasion. Cute signage like “New Year wishes & midnight kisses” beside a bowl of Hershey’s kisses is a great DIY way to enhance your theme.

New Year's Eve party cupcake toppers

5) Candles! – did you know that lighting a candle that stays light until after midnight of the new year is supposed to bring prosperity & good fortune. Create great mood lighting with candles. Just ensure they are in holders that are higher than the flame to reduce any fire risk. And with the candles lit, dim some of the overhead lighting – it’s harsh and unflattering – especially for photos.

6) Supply noisemakers – I’ll be honest, noisemakers are pretty cheesy but one night a year they are a pretty great time. Grab some cheap noisemakers from the dollar store and go nuts at midnight.

New Year's Eve party noisemakers

7) Go gold & black – these colours are my go-to colours for a New Year’s Eve party. It’s the best time for glitz and & sparkle so go all out! Need some help with decor and some of the ideas I mentioned above? Check out our New Year’s Eve Party in a Box here. Complete with all the black & gold decor you see below as well as noisemakers, the box is shipped to your door and all you have to do is set it up. Easy to do and will bring any party to life. Check out our shop for more details.

New Year's Eve party decorations

I hope these ideas help you get over the elaborate and far too expensive downtown parties in favour of one of these DIY at-home parties. Celebrate with your closest friends & have a great time ringing in 2019 with your own New Year’s Eve party!

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