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Kids at home birthday parties: our top 7 activities that come to you!

When it comes to planning your child’s birthday party things can get stressful. You want them to love it. You want their friends to have a great time. Maybe you secretly want the other kids to say “You’re parents rock!” or “This is the best party EVER!” We love at-home birthday parties because of the versatility with theme, decor, games and entertainment. Everything can be customized to your child’s interests, hobbies and the year’s big trends.

We have rounded up our favourite entertainment and party activities that come to your home. Prefer to keep things stress-free? Our parties have received the kid stamp of approval time and time again so contact us to get started today. Now, onto the list.  (more…)

Elevate your party with these diy food & drink stations

Food stations and activations have become increasingly popular at events both large and small. Guests enjoy having choices to create their own combination of flavours. With ever increasing rates of dietary restrictions, food stations allow guests to pick and choose their items to fit within these restrictions. Guests also enjoy being a part of the event and activations involving food are a great way to accomplish this.  (more…)