September 2017 archive

How to make a diaper cake

Diaper cakes are the perfect element to add to baby shower decor or to give as a gift to the mom-to-be. Rather than wrapping up a box of diapers create this easy DIY project. We love decorating events with items that can be used again after the event and with this, all diapers remain intact and useable once the baby comes.  (more…)

This is how to design an epic at home baby shower!

Photo by Ophir Sarusi

Hosting a baby shower can seem daunting – especially if you are turning your home into an event space. But with a little planning and some DIY crafting, you can create a simple yet elegant space fit for the special mom-to-be! Not a DIYer? All Wrapped Up Events offers theme and decor styling services for your party. This option is great for at home showers where you might not need much event management support but would still love the decor created and set up for you. Contact us for more information. 

Today we are talking about some decor styling and game creation we did for a recent baby shower. The theme colours were mint & pink and the mom-to-be wanted something casual and fun. Below are some of our decor and game ideas from the big day.  (more…)

7 unexpected event expenses you need to know

Everyone knows that an event involves numerous expenses including paying for the food, the venue and entertainment. But unexpected event expenses can hit you like a brick wall and can severely affect your bottom line. Below are 7 event expenses that you might be forgetting.  (more…)